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Why choose me

Defense Lawyer

I defended insurance companies and their drivers for 29 years. I know how the other side thinks and how to prepare my clients for success.

No Case is Too Small
or Too Big

I have represented people in Small Claims Court, catastrophic spinal cord injury cases, wrongful death cases, and everything in between.

I Go to Court for You

This may sound obvious, but it is not a given. Some attorneys will sacrifice results for speed. Not me. I will take your case to trial if that is what we need to do to get you fair compensation for your injuries.

My Personal Number is Yours

Think about it: This is the number my family uses to reach me when I’m at the office. The other guy may have a catchy jingle and you may have his number memorized, but do you think the phone is ringing at his desk? Give me a call at mine: 702.405.3483

When You Retain Me, You Work With Me

Do I have assistants and will you work with them as well?  Yes.  But I am always available for in-person or phone meetings – that is why I give you my personal phone number. Also, my team can also assist you both in English and Spanish.

I Want to be Your Attorney for Life

Seriously.  We don’t advertise at this firm and don’t rely on a steady stream of new clients.  Rather, I provide personal, quality service so you – and your friends and family – come to me for life.  I can’t expect that to happen if I don’t give you the finest service possible.

Not all Personal Injury lawyers are built the same

  •  We don’t run a mill. To me, you are a person, not a name in the computer.
  •  I will get you prepared. Whether for a deposition, arbitration, or trial, I personally get you prepared.
  •  I understand that great client service means different things to different people – I’ll give you the service that meets your needs.
  • I’ll come to you. Sometimes you just can’t make it to our office. We can meet via Zoom or I can buy you a cup of coffee in your neck of the woods.

My Experience Levels the Playing Field Against Insurance Companies

How it works



We personally meet – I don’t have you meet with an assistant – to discuss your accident and the best way to help you to recover – physically and financially. We develop a game plan that fits your situation.


Focus on Your Health

You’ve been injured and the first priority is getting you healthy.  No health insurance?  That’s OK, I can get you connected with an appropriate provider so you can get appropriate treatment


Negotiate with the Insurance Company

We gather the documents that support your case and I personally draft a custom demand letter outlining your case. I then aggressively negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement. I know the arguments the insurance company is going to make and I am ready.



Sometimes the insurance company just doesn’t make a reasonable offer. That’s OK. I am not in a rush to get you out the door. If we can’t get a reasonable offer, I file a lawsuit in the appropriate court and have the judge or jury tell the insurance company the amount you really deserve.